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About : Kiwi Fruit (gooseberry)

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Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi or Kiwifruit Kiwis Scientific name: Actinidia chinensis is a plant that originated in China. Later brought to plant in New Zealand and have improved the new varieties Makes the kiwi taste even better Until it became the largest exporter and also changed the name to Kiwi as the name of the national kiwi bird. (Formerly known as Chinese gooseberry)

For Thailand, it was imported in the year 2519 by planting in Chiang Mai, Doi Ang Khang and Doi Khun Wang. Kiwi fruit is oval-shaped fruit with small hair covering all the fruit. Green (But some varieties are yellow), sour, sweet, moist, is a fruit that can be stored for up to two weeks if properly stored (in the refrigerator)

Kiwi is also one of the top fruits of weight loss fruit as well. Because there are a lot of fiber that makes you full faster and longer For those who often eat during the day or because of hunger Kiwi can definitely help. But I can’t help wondering that since kiwi is a sweet fruit, like this, eating a lot, won’t it be fat? Having said that, definitely not fat, because 60 grams of kiwi will only provide 25 calories! Which is considered very little

Kiwi is rich in many vitamins and minerals. Such as vitamin A, C, E, B, K, B 1, B 2, B 3, B 6, B 9, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Manganese etc. Because eating only 1 kiwi (100 grams) will give the body to get up to 155 percent of the amount of vitamin C the body should receive each day. And also contains omega-3s, which are essential fatty acids for the body Because the body cannot create itself

  • How to eat kiwi.How to eat kiwi ?

Kiwi properties are super easy. Just cut the fruit in half and use a spoon to scoop the kiwi. Or if wanting to make it more appetizing, which is another easy way as well Is to take the kiwi fruit and cut off the head and the end Then use a spoon to cut the meat into a circle When the meat is obtained, then slice it into slices and you’re done. To see if the kiwi is ready to be eaten or not. Is that the fruit of the kiwi will begin to soften You can eat right away. Once purchased, do not forget to keep in the refrigerator. If you don’t want more kiwi fruit to ripen, just keep it in the refrigerator to keep it for 1-2 weeks.

  • Kiwi properties
    Helps to improve blood circulation in the body.
    Kiwi is a fruit suitable for people who have difficulty sleeping. Kiwi will help you sleep easier and more comfortably.
    Helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.
    Potassium from Kiwi can help reduce high blood pressure.
    Helps to prevent and reduce the risk of heart attack.
    Folate from kiwi helps in the division of new cells. It is very important for mothers who are pregnant. Because it reduces the risk of babies with neurological and neurological deficiencies. And strengthen the development of the fetus
    Zinc from kiwi is a mineral that is needed to create testosterone.
    Helps to strengthen bones and teeth Helps to prevent tooth decay. Kiwi can help reduce these free radicals.
    Helps repair muscles and nerve fibers
    Helps to repair damaged DNA cells from the metabolic processes in our body.
    Should eat kiwi ready or after food If that meal has fat
    Helps to strengthen immunity.
    Golden kiwi can make the body fight the flu well.
    Helps to relieve sore throat.
    Fiber helps the digestive system to work more efficiently.
    Helps prevent constipation. Helps to excrete conveniently and consistently
    Helps to resist bacteria and viruses
    Helps to relieve various inflammation in the body.


  • Benefits of kiwi
    High in antioxidants Therefore helping to slow down the aging process and the aging process
    High in vitamin C Helps strengthen collagen Helps to make the skin structure strong Nourish the skin to shine bright
    Helps to reduce dark spots under the skin. Solve dull skin problems
    Is a fruit that is suitable for those who want to control weight Because eating kiwi helps to be full faster and not fat.
    Is a fruit that has omega-3 Which the body cannot create by itself
    Helps prevent the deterioration of cells in the body.
    The substance “polyphenols” in kiwi fruit has anti-cancer properties.
    Used to decorate cakes and salads
    Processing into various products such as canned kiwi fruit, preserved kiwi, dried kiwi fruit juice, wine, frozen fruit
    The nutritional value of green kiwi fruit per 100 grams
    Energy 61 kcal
  • Carbohydrate 14.66 grams
    8.99 grams of sugar
    3.0 grams of fiber
    Fat 0.52 grams
    1.14 grams protein
    Benefits of Kiwi Vitamin B1 0.027 mg 2%
    Vitamin B2 0.025 mg 2%
    Vitamin B3 0.341 mg, 2%
    Vitamin B5 0.183 mg, 4%
    Vitamin B6 0.063 mg 5%
    Vitamin B9 25 grams, 6%
    Choline 7.28 grams 2%
    Vitamin C 92.7 mg 112%
    Vitamin E 1.46 mg 10%
    Vitamin K 40.3 micrograms 38%
    Calcium 34 mg 3%
    Iron 0.31 mg 2%
    Magnesium 17 mg 5%
    Manganese 0.098 mg 5%
    Phosphorus 34 mg, 5%
    Potassium 312 mg 7%
    Sodium 3 mg 0%
    Zinc 0.14 mg 1%
    % Percentage of recommended daily body volume for adults (Data from: USDA Nutrient database)
  • Nutritional Value of Gold Kiwi Fruit per 100 grams
    Energy kiwi properties 60 kcal
    Carbohydrate 14.23 grams
    10.98 grams of sugar
    2 grams of fiber
    Fat 0.56 grams
    1.23 grams protein
    Vitamin B1 0.024 mg 2%
    Vitamin B2 0.046 mg 4%
    Vitamin B3 0.28 mg, 2%
    Vitamin B5 0.5 mg 10%
    Vitamin B6 0.057 mg 4%
    Vitamin B9 34 grams 9%
    Benefits of Kiwi Choline 5% 1%
    Vitamin C

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